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Discussion and research on Cold War history with an emphasis on assassinations

reopen, kennedy, case, discussion, research, cold, #history, assassination, oswald, ruby, castro

Halo Database

Has your Spartan got a story? Your Elite got a history? Share it here in our Halo database! Here you can post stories and create tales and vent your creativity of the Halo Universe!

free, forum, halo, database, your, spartan

Midnight Tavern

Place to discuss alternative political and world history. Also to just kick back and relax.

midnight, tavern, place, discuss, alternative, political, world, #history, kick, relax

Alternate History

random ideas/alternative timelines

alternate, #history, random, timelines

Free forum : Green Arrow

Free forum : Welcome to the Green Arrow website!

free, forum, green, #arrow, welcome, website!, talk, about, your, favourite, hero, this, forum!

Dog talk

History of the old bul breeds

talk, #history, breeds

Pontefract Home Guard Forum

Free forum : A forum for the members of the Pontefract home guard living history group

free, forum, pontefract, home, guard, members, living, #history, group

Free forum : Black Sun Rising

Free forum : We are a fascist forum who are dedicated to showing the world the true side of history that wasn't told to us.

black, rising, fascist, dedicated, showing, world, true, #history, wasn't, told, fascism, forum, national, socialist, socialism, nationalist, nationalism, nazi, adolf, hitler, benito, mussolini

MoH Hobbes :: English Alliance

The Forum of the English Alliance from the online multiplayer game March of History (Hobbes game).

hobbes, english, alliance, online, multiplayer, game, march, #history, (hobbes, game)

Battletech RPG

Free forum : January 3048, just 1 year before the dreaded invasion of the Inner Sphere. Join forces with your clan and reforge history to your liking.

battletech, mechwarrior, clan, comstar, davion, battlemech, role, play, game


Free forum : THIS IS A FORUM FOR MEMBERS of 23 PARACHUTE FIELD AMBULANCE (Living History Group). Access to this forum is by invitation only!

free, forum, parachute, field, ambulance, this, members, (living, #history, group)., access, invitation, only!


automotive application japanese garden design websites for health games online for kids cooking dishes family history free online technology sites commercial business loan website of education art cultural center

automotive, application, japanese, garden, design, websites, health, games, online, kids, cooking, dishes, family, #history, free, technology, sites, commercial, business, loan, website, education, cultural, center


automotive producers home show medical health websites play pc games f00d network recipes find about my family history it computer tech business economics online education news art and culture images

automotive, producers, home, show, medical, health, websites, play, games, f00d, network, recipes, find, about, family, #history, computer, tech, business, economics, online, education, news, culture, images

Mind of the Tardis

Free forum : A Doctor Who RP forum for those who love the show. Join in on the fun and help make the history and story of this forum!

doctor, tardis, free, universe, whovian, forum, roleplaying, dalek, weeping, angels, silurians, sontarans, silence, time, lord


automotive enws house and garden back issues health news articles on diseases sites to play online games for free easy delicious food recipes history family tree latest technology in computer science field business newspaper articles what is eduation

automotive, enws, house, garden, back, issues, health, news, articles, diseases, sites, play, online, games, free, easy, delicious, food, recipes, #history, family, tree, latest, technology, computer, science, field, business, newspaper, what

Free forum : Hogwarts: A History

Free forum : The History of Hogwarts, told through the eyes of a Roleplayer. Follow Hogwarts from the Pillars of Creation to the Boy Who Lived! Nothing is impossible.

hogwarts, #history, harry, potter, roleplay, roleplayer, magic, ravenclaw, slytherin, gryffindor, hufflepuff


automotive site house and garden shop health center car game baking recipes free family history sites computer latest technology finance for small business technical education abstract art

automotive, site, house, garden, shop, health, center, game, baking, recipes, free, family, #history, sites, computer, latest, technology, finance, small, business, technical, education, abstract


Native American History and Animals

native, american, wolves, #history, animals


autos beautiful homes and gardens health topics games for free chocolate recipes my family history free technology computers financing a small business education courses native art

autos, beautiful, homes, gardens, health, topics, games, free, chocolate, recipes, family, #history, technology, computers, financing, small, business, education, courses, native

Faint Hearts

Discover three clans named Coralclan, Oatclan, and Fernclan. Discover and create their history and legacy. Will the clans fall? Or will they rise?

faint, hearts, discover, clans, named, coralclan, oatclan, fernclan, #history, legacy, fall?, rise?

Class Discussion

The main objective would be to share videos/articles/pictures on a variety of interesting topics such as music, art, spirituality, philosophy, literature, history, e

class, discussion, main, objective, share, variety, interesting, topics, music, spirituality, philosophy, literature, #history

History Universe

A roleplaying forum that is free for anyone to use and any character can be played.

#history, universe, roleplaying, free, character, played

Portal Breach Archives

The history of Portal Breach, at your fingertips.

portal, breach, archives, #history, your, fingertips


Welcome to the international forum about Luhan

luhanworld, exo-m, luhan, kpop, international, forum, about, mama, #history, cpop, sment, rookie, moons, machine, what, love

US History-1940 to Present

Discover and discuss the many events and characters involved in the evolution of the United States from 1940 to Present day.

history-1940, discover, discuss, events, characters, involved, evolution, united, 1940


the auto industry home and garden catalogues health articles with medical terms fun game online free the best recipe sites our family website computer news finance cim superintendent of education jobs history of art and culture

auto, industry, home, garden, catalogues, health, articles, with, medical, terms, game, online, free, best, recipe, sites, family, website, computer, news, finance, superintendent, education, jobs, #history, culture

Free forum : Russian Identity Forum

Free forum : Bilingual forum for Russian culture, traditions, politics and history talk

free, russian, identity, forum


auto industry sales garden home designs information of health online war games recipe food family tree history free online recent technologies in computer top business news website of school education department about indian art

auto, industry, sales, garden, home, designs, information, health, online, games, recipe, food, family, tree, #history, free, recent, technologies, computer, business, news, website, school, education, department, about, indian

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